Monday, March 15, 2010

Free Auto Insurance Quotes Online - It's Easy and Here Are 5 Things Worth Knowing

There are at least 5 things worth knowing about getting free auto insurance quotes online, as compared to going out and actually shopping for it. Here are 5 things worth knowing that I'm proud to say I've found out on my own.

1. Receiving Free Auto Insurance Quotes Online Is Easy: The fact that I can watch a TV show and simply type in required information during commercial breaks to receive quotes is attractive to me. Shopping free auto insurance quotes online while hanging out in my living room is probably the easiest thing I've ever done to get something accomplished.

Insurance isn't something anyone likes to have, but since it's the law, I find the whole procedure similar to sitting at the DMV. The online process is definitely worthwhile and almost effortless.

2. You Can Judge Who Will Be A Good Agent In The Future And Who Will Not: I'm always expecting excellent customer service. That's what I give in my line of work and I expect nothing less in return.

I want to do my business with an agent who actually wants to work on keeping it in the long run and when I get my free auto insurance quotes online, I always give out my phone number. Anybody who calls me back the next day is off of my list even if they offer a better price than the rest. Chances are, I'm not going to give them the chance to tell me about it.

I might go with someone with a higher rate if they're persistent and quick to answer my questions. If I have an insurance issue in the future, I want to feel confident that my agent will answer all of my questions and take the time to handle my claim.

3. It Saves Money, And I Like Money: It's so easy to compare all of the quotes and pick the one that offers a good rate along with good service. Some insurance companies might charge upwards of a $500.00 premium difference for the policy term, and it's easy just to count them out while shopping free auto insurance quotes online.

Being able to sit on a computer and enter information to review policy premium comparisons makes it a lot easier to immediately identify whose prices are too high and whose are just right.

4. Shopping And Receiving Free Quotes From Your Computer Is A Fast Process: Waiting on line or on hold is not an issue when receiving free auto insurance quotes online. If there's one thing that drives me crazy, it's those long automated services that have their customers pressing buttons rather than getting down to business. I think those automated systems are a waste of time, and I avoid them if possible.

Standing on line is no picnic, either. Both of these not-so-fun activities are completely avoidable when shopping and comparing online.

5. Shopping Free Auto Insurance Quotes Online Allows You To Review A Company's Services Rather Than Be Persuaded By A Series Of Sales Pitches: Insurance agents are all sales people, and even though you have to have auto insurance by law, the agent makes a commission off of your purchase.

I like the fact that you can review some of the perks of becoming insured with a particular company with free auto insurance quotes online minus someone talking your ear off! Some insurance companies have a book of discounts available just for becoming a member, or one those "accident forgiveness" deals.

Being able to consider all of this without the sales pitches lets me make my own decisions based on what's important to me.

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